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白日梦的困惑3/Daydream Obsession 3 - Legacy(2015)
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      Wylie is a horny young hottie staying at his hot, recently divorced, dad’s house for Spring Break. While papa is out chasing tail of his own and making up for lost time, Wylie discovers the video diary of Clayton (Joe Dain from Daydream Obsession). He keeps the tapes and the camera and The Legacy continues. Wylie decides to call a few of his hot straight friends over to drink and party. The fun really starts when they get drunk and end up in bed but whoops, the camera is on when these sexy straight studs explore their gay side. If you like straight meat you will love the nude pool scenes, fantasy sequences and sweaty strip tease fun in this installment in the always bone-worthy Daydream Obsession series
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